Star Pilot Process

Started a new scene and these are some of the progress renders. Started with a basic floor tile and expanded to an environment. Will be posting more process shots on my facebook page for those interested in following the process

Maleficent Inspiration

Recently attended a talk at Gnomon with Dylan Cole and Robert Stromberg about Maleficent. Was super inspiring! Came home and painted this.

Halo 4 Forerunner Concept

Put together this shot inspired by the forerunner structures in Halo 4. Shot the original plate out in the Californian desert near Red Rock. Painted in Photoshop and animated with After Effects.


Zbrush Dragon Concept

Recently spent some time making some fixes to this guy. Now he shoots lava! Rough basemesh sculpted in Zbrush and painted over in Photoshop.

Red Rock Photography

Spent some time in Red Rock with a camera. Super cool rock formations everywhere!

UDK Game Environment

Playing around in UDK. Super fun so far!

ArtChallenge Creature

Lately Anthony Jones has been doing cool art challenges on facebook. Here's the result of todays

Dragon Sculpture Paintover

Been jamming away on the dragon sculpt. Did a paint-over in Photoshop to test out how things might look.

The Navigator

Been doing loads of 3D lately so took some time today to play around with 2D for a change. I was thinking this guy is some kind of space explorer and he's taking geological readings of a strange moon-like object hovering close to the planet's surface.