The Citadel

Here's something I've been playing around with today :D These guys are on their way to an outlandish citadel which boasts floating spikey things!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's an intergalactic spaceship!

Here's a wip of something I've been fiddling with over the last few days.I've been playing with a new way of painting textures quickly with the shape tool. It's super fun :D

Master Chief Is Lost!

Here's a super super quicky speedy for a friend which turned out kind of nicely. It's pretty rough and ready but I like it :D

World of Warcraft: Deathwing vs Thrall

I've been working like mad on this for the last few days trying to get it in for a Blizzard competition but I fail and misread 12:01am as lunch time so missed the submission. Derp derp :D

Aynway this is Deathwing and Thrall getting ready to duke it out.

Planet and Weapon Concepts

Hello fellow internet goers. It's been a very constructive few days. I've been working on an idea I've wanted to do for a while with some funky circular city lights on a star wars-esque planet and last night started some weapon designs which I've been wanting to do for aaaaaages.

Witchdoctors, Dragons and Good Times!

So I finally took the plunge and bought a cintiq! It's all swooshy and smooth! And it has a dead pixel woop! I've been trying to get in to figures more so I drew a spikey dude with a giant bird skull. It just seemed like the right thing to do. The second is my CHOW entry over on CA. It's a giant war dragon and she's destroying the world bwahaha!

Sunday Morning Speedy

A quick speedy to start the day on a constructive note :D

The Three Apostles

I've been spending way too long and being way too clinical on my paintings recently. So I decided to let rip and have some speed painting fun. These are hugely inspired by Sparth, hopefully that comes across :D

More 3D Stuffs

Hi everybody! Here's some 3D and paintover work I did recently. It was awesome fun :D


Mordor Redesign

This is for the New World challenge over
on CGHub. The theme was to redesign Mordor from Lord of The Rings. It was basically a big excuse to draw spikes EVERYWHERE :D

Swiftwing Print!

My print has finally arrived from deviantArt! I splashed out a little after it got a daily deviation and bought a nice big print. It's 16x40 and the print quality is surprisingly nice. Now I've gotta get this bad boy framed :D

Original is nyah!

Some tweaks and some THUNDERDUMP!

So art group blogs are the next big thing right? Well since that's the case a few of us have banded together to form Thunderdump. It's an epic place where our Thunderdome group dumps art.

Have a looky

In other news I've been fixing up some old work.

Low Poly House Boat Update

Hey hey, been jamming along on this boat texturing. It's coming together quite nicely. I've added some random props and crates to flesh things out a little :D

Boat House Update

I'm plodding away with this boat texturing and it's turning out quite nicely. It's taking a while though and my workstation randomly exploded but no biggie. Here's where it's at :D

Quick Enviro Speedy

I've been super busy recently but don't have a gratifying pile of nice shiny new work. So now things have relaxed a little I want to get back in to regular speedies :D

Low Poly Piratey Building...ARRRRR

Holy crap another update! This is a low poly building I'm playing with. It's currently just over 2400 polys and I'm just starting on texturing.

Dragons, Badasses and Funk!

Hey hey! I've been super busy recently working with some awesome people. Squeezing in personal work is solely reliant on caffeine at the moment :D But here's some personal work I've been doing.

The first is what I got up to last night. It's a funky body armour design and I kind of like where it's heading. The other three are some ideas that have taken a bit longer for me to be happy with them. They still need some work.

Timmy's Magical Cookie

Behold, more photoshop ramblings!

The best update ever.

So apparently I've been slacking with blog updates recently. As payment for my slackingness, have some KITTENS!

Loony Ice Planet Speedy

It's 7am and I've been up all night painting like some crazy loony with colouring pencils. Check out my loony doodle!

It's life Jim!

This may or may not have some or a lot of a metroidy resemblance :D

Untold Renewer

Here's a card I've been working on for the last few weeks for Untold. This creature's called a Renewer and it's pretty much the embodiment of spring. Everywhere they walk flowers spring up in their footsteps, they melt the snow around them and the exhale spores. It was an awesome brief and I really like how it turned out :D

Copyright Wandering Men Studios

A wild space marine appears!

This is a rework of an old sketch which I thought was pretty funky. *does the robot*

Spikey Castle

Yeah I'm in love with Kekai, so what :D

Late Night Speedy

So I've decided to be a bit more active on the blogging scene. At the moment I'm pretty selective about stuff I upload but I'm going to try and do something new every few days, even if it's just a speedy. Here's a speedy and something I did for the creature planets activity over on CGHUB which I'd like to spend some more time on later.