Maya and Storyboarding Finals

Here's my Intro to Maya final! It's a study of the badass concept art by Ben Procter for Avatar. And also two still frames from my storyboarding animatic final from the previous post.

Photoshop Final

Just finished Term 1 and this was my Photoshop final - hooray!

Ride of the Rohirrim Animatic

This is one of the scenes from my storyboarding final! It's an animatic based on the Ride of the Rohirrim from Return of the King!

Texturing Final!

Submitted this as my texturing final! Models were supplied and we had to fix//unwrap/arrange/light etc

Fantasy Cover Illustrations

Recently wrapped up a series of covers for a fantasy series! Was super fun! Also, we're already wrapping up the first term at school so I've started a new blog just for Gnomon homework and dumped a bunch of recent stuff in it -

Moving to LA!

Recently I was accepted to Gnomon which is uber exciting! So I'll be moving to LA next month. It's a dream come true and I'm super stoked! It also means I have to get my 3D modelling up to a not-crap standard! Been working on a Tyrael model. It's super rough geometry at this point.

Diablo 3 Fan Art Updates

Been super busy lately so haven't posted enough. It's good to have some fun art time again though!

These are updates to older posts but minus a few tweaks I've finished up the battle axe design I was working on a while ago. And also since a bunch of people have asked for it I've created an iPhone version of my Tyrael vs Hell Diablo 3 fan art which looks super shiny on the iPhone! :D

You can grab the wallpaper from here

Old Weapon Concept

Playing around. Was going for a similar effect to Diablo 3: Book of Cain. The axe wasn't quite finished but figured I'd post the experiment anyway