Untold! Freelance

Over the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to be working on some designs for Untold! which is an awesome new card-based role playing game. I'm really happy with the way the cards turned out, they definitely pushed me to try something new.

Copyright 2009 Wandering Men Studios

Fantasy Character Concept

I was randomly walking around today and had a sudden urge to paint some funky and out of focus fluid/particle effects around a character. I probably need to see a doctor or something :D

"The Wind Is Against You."

I like to think this guy is going to kick the dragon's butt and look cool doing it. I quite like the image title, it makes him so much badasser! :D

Obligatory Space Marine

Everybody needs a space marine some time or another :D This was going to be a quick doodle but I spent a few hours on it. I'm a sucker for cool helmets!

It's a zombie!

It is in fact, a zombie.

New Portfolio and Super SciFI Jetbike!

Hey fellow interweb junkies. I've been hugely busy freelancing like a maniac recently but it's quieting down again which means more self-promotion time! I'm waiting on a bunch of work to upload but in the meantime check out my new portfolio site!

Deathknight Action

This is my deathknight character from Wrath of The Lich King. It's totally gonna be in the next Blizzard cinematic uh....pretty please? ^^

I've been painting non stop for the last few days trying to cram that last little bit before I start work. I think it's paying off :D


I've got my dates booked for my move to Australia. I'm going to be heading back out there on the 27th of January so I'm trying to get my skates on and hopefully I'll actually be able to make something useful by the time I get there :D

It's been a while since my last post, which is terrible. But here's new stuff - YEAH!