Halo and Iron Man

Here's some Iron Man and Halo fan art I've been working on recently :D

Needs More Spikes!

Here's the beginning of my effort to get a shiny matte painting portfolio put together. This is just a layout idea and I'll be adding textures, modeling in maya and projecting in nuke :D

Tyrael Versus Hell Continued...

I was digging the atmosphere in the Tyrael Versus Hell image so decided to try it from a bit of a different perspective. This image is from the same shot but at a different angle, looking up towards the army. It's very rough and early in the layout phase but I thought I'd share :)

Blizzcon 2011 Diablo 3 Fan Art

It's finally finished! This was my 3rd place winning entry in to the Blizzcon 2011 fan art contest. For wallpaper versions see below :)

Halo 4 Fan Art

Following along the fan art route...I'm such a massive Halo nerd. This was inspired by the recent animated concept art trailer for Halo 4 and the amazing work of Sparth.

Diablo 3 Fan Art Update

Hey guys! I've been working for ages on this and pixel pushing things in to place. It's tiring but I like where it's heading. I've done a bunch on Tyrael's armour, it wasn't really working before. Any suggestions are welcome :D

Diablo 3 Fan Art

I'm a massive fan of the whole heaven vs hell concept which is prevalent in Diablo. So this is a Diablo 3, cinematic-inspired fan art-esque WIP thing! :D

*Update* This image placed 3rd in the Blizzcon 2011 fan art contest - Hooray! Here's the final version 

Matte Action

Practicing some matte painting using old paintings as bases. Speeds things up heaps! Bottom image is the shot before, top image is after.

Sci-Fi Planet WIP

Something I'm working on in my spare time :D

Thrall's Vision

Here's some fanart from the WoW Rage of The Firelands trailer where Thrall watches Orgrimmar get totally wooped :D

Rocks, Spikes and Trees!

Hey hey! Been super busy recently. Lots of studying and anatomy but here are some environments.


Did some playing with the custom shapes tool last night and this is what came of it!

Futuristic World Editor

The last few weeks have been crazy busy but we've found a house and will be moving when the furniture arrives early next month. Now everything has calmed down a little I'm able to get back in to the swing of things and tackle the massive long list of things that need to get done! For now I'm just trying to be productive but it's tricky when you're perched on a coffee table in the kitchen and your laptop is melting :D

Anywho, for now here's what I've been playing with. It's father and son terraforming a new planet they've found and sculpting cities on the moon on the horizon.

Back in Sydney PEW PEW!

So I'm back in Sydney! It's kind of surreal and super hot but oh god the coffee is so worth it :D In other news this is a wip from today! I kind of want to add some big battle ship in the middle somewhere but I kind of like the elegance of the little ships flying off and those nebula things on the left are a bit wonky...we shall see!

The Escape!

It's been a long couple of weeks. I'm in transit between the UK and Australia and huddled over a tiny coffee table scrawling over stuff. Oodles of fun :D Anyway here's the scrawl!

3D Portfolio Thingies

Hey all! It's been a while. Over the last few days I've been tweaking some old work to throw in my portfolio. Here's some stuff :D